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Sunchonglic Promotion Of Power Inverter,Battery Charger,Solar Controller

Date:March 25,2020 |Author:Clarence|Vistors:30

Sunchonglic April-May Promotion of Power Inverter,AGM/GEL Battery Charger,PWM/MPPT Solar Charge Controller
Pls check our NEW catalogue for more details.
E-Catalogue: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1GpGJxDfy0VTDw3OsBEkiTD8NIGXZHn9X/view?usp=sharing
1.Order total amount reaches USD 3000,Get 50PCS face masks for free.
2.Order total amount reaches USD 5000,Get 100PCS face masks for free.
3.Order total amount reaches USD 10000,Get 200PCS face masks for free.
4.Order total amount reaches USD 20000,Get 500PCS face masks for free.
5.Order total amount reaches USD 30000,Get 1000PCS face masks for free. 
Wearing a face mask can effectively keep you away from coronavirus(COVID-19)
①Wear face mask
②Wash hands frequently
③Keep drafty
④Less gathering
⑤Belief in science
⑥Do not spread rumors
Any inquiries,pls don't hesitate to contact me!
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